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Makenna Michelle is a long time vegan whose decision to adopt a plant based lifestyle also inspires her passion for cooking, while her relentless sweet tooth inspires her passion for all things baking and pastry.

Makenna is a formally trained pastry chef who has a wealth of experience working in the food industry in a variety of roles. From bakeries, patisseries, cake shops as a pastry chef- to Michelin starred restaurants, catering events and executive chef roles.

Makenna's wide array of experience has provided her the unique ability to seamlessly navigate both savory and sweet dishes, executing her creative visions flawlessly.

Born and raised in Oregon's Willamette Valley, Makenna was privileged to grow up with access to some of the best produce and natural ingredients in the country. It was this environment that instilled in her a personal responsibility to use seasonally available and regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

"The greatest source of inspiration is often the ingredient itself"

Chef Makenna is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. 

When she's not in the kitchen, Makenna enjoys biking, tending to her plants, and searching for the best vegan eats in New York City

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